Rosewood Medical Centre – Astra Close

Wednesday 12 October 10 am


Just been informed the phone lines are all down at the Rosewood Medical Centre.

Calls are being diverted to staff mobiles.  Please kindly do not leave voicemails, they will not respond to them.

No timeframe as to when the phone lines will be repaired at present.

Author: Stephanie Nunn

Steph is a Ward Councillor for Elm Park & Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member.

2 thoughts on “Rosewood Medical Centre – Astra Close

  1. As a patient of Rosewood, I received a text way back in the autumn telling me not to use the phone. ………no update since. Maybe they want me to try it just to see if it works? I don’t want to bother them by ringing to see if I am able to ring my doctors but it would be nice to know if they are contactable. The last time I tried to see a doctor, face to face appointments were N/A. (since lockdown ended).
    I eventually got one by arguing (not nice to do) but I won’t do it again if I can possibly help it. The doctor seems sulky and did not engage fully. Despites age 75, I do not feel I really have a GP but thankfully my local Boots in Station Road are really helpful with support over a long-term repeat
    (hospital-prescribed) med I need.
    Anyone know when we will know how to sign up at the new medical centre/GP surgery on the airfield site? I am hopeful for that.

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