Membership FAQ

Online Membership Portal FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).


  • Q – Can I join if I do not live in the areas/roads you cover?
  • A – Unfortunately not. We are only able to deliver to the roads specified in our 4 Wards.
    • edit – now we are offering the -E-Edition, we can accept members willing to pay online and willing to receive the magazine in ‘E-Format’  – see the E-Edition Tab


  • Q – Which Wards do you cover?
  • A – We cover 4 Wards, Elm Park, Hacton, Hylands and St Andrews.


  • Q – How do I know which Ward I am in?
  • A – Check the document  ( <-click that link, or click Manage you Membership above and select the Streetnames/Wards button)  on this website which lists the roads against the Ward Name – Please be aware some roads can be split between 2 (or more) Wards – please check Your House Number if you are in a ‘split road’


  • Q – When I sign up, I am asked to identify which ward I am in. I do not know the answer.
  • A – There is a document that specifies which roads are in which ward on this area of the website. If you are unable to locate your road, please select ‘Do Not Know’ from the drop-down menu and we will locate the correct Ward for you at a later date.


  • Q – My Membership for the year is £4, but the cost to sign up is more – why?
  • A – The additional funds are charged by the company running the service and PayPal. We have no control over these charges. These additional charges are cheaper than a 2nd class stamp and it is much more convenient for you to pay this way. If you prefer to post/drop the membership fee to us, our addresses are on page 3 of every magazine.


  • Q – When I sign up what will you do with my data?
  • A – We will only use your data to inform you of when it is time to pay your subscriptions. We may also send out an email to you if there is something that we feel is very important and it cannot wait until the next edition of the Focus Magazine. We will not be selling or giving your data to anyone else.


  • Q – If I join up during the year do I still have to pay £4?
  • A – £4 is a small amount to pay, the cost of printing the magazine and leaflets only ever increases. We are a not for profit organisation, every pound we receive goes to running campaigns, printing and keeping the residents informed.


  • Q – Can I pay online for more than one year?
  • A – At present we are trialling the online software to make sure it works for us. It is something we may consider in the coming years, but currently no.


Once you are on the system, you will be able to login and see your membership status.


  • Q – I believe I have paid a year or two in advance – Can I sign up to the payment system? And how can I check when I need to renew my subscription
  • A – In the first place, please contact the Membership Secretary for your ward (or email stating your address). They will confirm when your membership is due for renewal.

Once we have your details, we can enter your details on the system as a paid member with no outstanding fee. We will need your contact details to enter into the system


  • Q – Will I get a receipt if I pay using this system?
  • A – You will receive an email confirming payment



  • Q – Can residents use this system to join the association & become new members?
  • A – Please contact one of our subscription’s secretaries Del Ganly (Hylands), Gerry O’Sullivan (St Andrews), Ray Morgon (Hacton) or Stephanie Nunn (Elm Park) in the first place. We are testing this system out, you might pay and we might not notice the new membership details.



  • Q – I do not know the password to the E-Edition of Focus – how do I get it?
  • A – We email the password for that month to the group testing the E-Edition. A new password is set each month.
    We are trialling the E-Edition with a set of members until March 2021.  When we are happy that we have most of the issues resolved we will invite other members to take the ‘Electronic Edition’ – if you would like to be part of the test group please email with your name and address.


  • Q – I have tried to sign up using the online payment – I am not sure if I completed everything.
  • A – If you did not complete the sign up no money would be taken.
    Even if you use a credit card, the back end system is PayPal, you will receive an email from LoveAdmin stating that you have paid for this year.
    If you did not complete the sign up process, it is likely that an admin will need to remove your details from the system, otherwise you will get an error message saying that your details already exist. You will get an email from and admin once they have removed your details, allowing you to try again.

If you have a question that has not been raised here – please contact us on