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To sign up please click this link > First time registration

You will need to sign up to make your first payment to the online system.

Even if you are an existing member, you will need to use this to sign up to the online payment system

Payment types accepted – Credit Card, Debit Card and PayPal

After you have signed up, click this link to manage your membership > Returning members

Many of the question we are asked are answered  in the   FAQ page

Not sure which Ward you belong to? Click here and search for your road (please note we are going though a ‘boundary change’ to re-balance the wards, the final decision is due to be announced Jan/Feb 2021 and the changes will become official from the May 2022 elections) Boundary changes 


Error Signing up?

We have had a few people having issues signing up – if you get a message telling you that the account already exists, please let us know so we can remove the partial account before you try again.  This can happen if you use the <back button> or are unable to complete the sign up process in one go.

Why does it cost more?

The additional cost is not in our control, the system we are using adds these fees (less than the cost of a 1st class stamp), we only receive the £4 and this fee is only once a year.


For assistance with your subscription, please email