Carfax Road & Langdale Gardens response to Parking consultation

On Saturday Cllr Barry Mugglestone was asked to receive a petition from Mr Lance Malkin of Carfax Road in response to the parking consultation.

No residents in Carfax Road or Claygate Close are in favour of any changes to current arrangements.

We have also received a petition from Mr Peter Minshall of Langdale Gardens which clearly states residents do not want any changes such as controlled parking zones.

We have had countless emails from residents condemning the consultation as there was no room for comments.

All the emails we have received are against imposing parking schemes which have not been requested.  We have not had one email that wants controlled parking zones.

So much money has been wasted.

Author: Jake Middleton

Jake is our site administrator and handles day-to-day running of services on this website.

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