Delivery of the Focus Magazine (printed) delayed

Hello all,

Members of the HXRA receive a monthly magazine that informs you of some of the work we do, gives advice and highlights scams etc.

Due to Covid19 restrictions (Tier 4) we have been asked by the Public Health representative at the council NOT to deliver the magazine (or leaflets) until it is safer to do so. We do not have a date when we will be able to distribute the printed version of the magazine.


We have been trialling an online version of the magazine with a select group of members to help ‘iron out’ any issues.

We understand that many members prefer a paper version of the magazine and we will distribute it as soon as possible.

In the mean time – if you click on the ‘E-Edition’ tab (or the links in this message) – you will find the January Edition of the Focus.

Usually the E-Edition is password protect with a new password set for each month. Due to the distribution pause, we have left the magazine without a password for this month.

You may notice that there are some differences to the E-Edition  – we can use colour photographs (which are expensive to print) and many links inside the magazine and on the adverts are clickable.


Any of our members who prefer the E-Edition, please let me know by emailing with your home address (to confirm membership) and we can swap you over to receive this monthly.

The E-Edition will reduce the amount of paper used in printing, we can get this out to you during the lock-down, it reduces the amount of work our small army of deliverers have to do each month and it saves the association on printing costs, these savings can be used to help fight issues for you.

Please stay safe.


Cllr Paul Middleton


Author: Paul Middleton

Paul is a Ward Councillor for St. Andrews & Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member.

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