11 thoughts on “FOCUS E-Edition January 2021

  1. A few glitches, but I will definitely be continuing with the e-Edition. So much easier to look back at previous issues without having to keep the booklets. Happy New Year to all. Julia

  2. Can you please make it downloadable so we can save to computer and to be able to print individual pages. Apart from that, it’s very good. Thanks. All the best for the new year.

    1. Hello Nigel.

      Members from the executive that are the Hornchurch Residents Association said that they had tried an online version (PDF) several years before.
      Unfortunately, the PDF was not protected and the magazine was shared easily.
      We were told that we lost a lot of members due to this.

      We rely on the subscriptions to help us run the campaigns, printing leaflets etc.

      The decision was taken to protect the latest versions of the magazine.
      The older versions are available in PDF format in the Focus Archive section.

      I hope this answers your question

  3. Love haveing this E Focus Edition it’s Quicker just login at the beginning of each month brilliant.
    Happy New year

    Keep well keep safe.

  4. Still loving the digital edition. A few formatting issues on pages 23 and 25 for me but would not by any means deter me from using it. Keep up the good work

  5. I am enjoying the electronic editions of the Focus it makes so much more sense for those that are computer/phone savvy however I wouldn’t want the non technical minded who enjoy and receive the magazine to miss out keep up the good work stay safe and well and let’s hope that 2021 can deliver everything 2020 didn’t

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