8 thoughts on “FOCUS e-Edition October 2020

  1. I enjoyed reading the new E version of the magazine. It’s just as easy to read as the printed version. Plus I can save the booklet in my iPad, which then doesn’t take up any room, unlike if I were to save the physical booklets

  2. Enjoyed the layout.
    Will there be local business advertising as in printed version?

    1. Hi Sue,
      Thank you for your feedback, I have passed your comments on to our editor for consideration on our next edition.

  3. It took a little ‘trial and error ‘ to learn how to use it but once opened I found it very useful and easy to read. Especially as using my I pad as I was able to enlarge the print ( just like a Kindle ) very good, I will certainly continue if the system continues beyond the trial period.

  4. Very easy to use – just tap on the green illustration above and it opens like the booklet you would receive through your door. Exactly the same format with articles and advertisements within. This website also provides additional information -see column on the right.

  5. Very easy to use. I had just received my paper copy and was able to compare paper via e-edition and I can say the e-edition is great exactly the same. If we can save the environment well let us continue with e-edition!!

  6. Very easy to use. Pleased to see the advertising is still in the email edition as we have used one of these people, who was excellent by the way.
    Definitely a plus as printing charges will go down.

  7. Easy to use and easier to read at leisure than carrying the hard copy around. Can hyperlinks be added so references such as that on page 11 can be automatically followed. Hopefully there will be an archive so that they are all in one place in case you wanted to look back? Hope that the idea of doing updates so faster news can be communicated to avid readers will be adopted. Must be saving a lot on printing coining it this way.

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