Can you still park in the council car parks? (updated 22/6/21)

Walking through Hornchurch Town Centre I checked the payment points in several of the council owned car parks.

Fentiman Way – 2 payment meters  (1 not working at all, the other showing an out of order sign – see picture)

Keswick Avenue – 1 payment meter (not working)

Queens Theatre – 2 payment meters (both fully covered – not working)


I did not have the time to walk over to Dorrington Way and Appleton Way car parks to check these payment meters.


Please be aware – the meters have a ‘RingGo’ location sticker on them – this means you can pay for parking IF YOU HAVE THE RingGo APP (and a registered credit or debit card).  Apparently you can also phone the parking company and give your card details to them to arrange payment (how many will do this?)

It is not currently possible to pay for parking in these car parks with cash.  If you park and do not pay, you run the chance of receiving a ticket.

I have also been made aware that there are several other payment meters still covered over – these were covered over when the parking was made free for a few weeks. The free parking time has finished.  If you can get a ticket for the ‘on street’ parking, you can still claim 1 free hour,  the car parks you need to pay without any free time.

I know that as an ageing population that not everyone carries a smart phone and/or are willing to register a direct payment method. I have contacted the council to find out what is happening and when these meters will be able to accept cash again. When I know I will update this page.


Update 22/6/21

As promised, after having spoken to the traffic and parking control group, I have been informed that IF there are no working meters in a car park in Hornchurch, that the parking attendants have been instructed not to issue PCN tickets.

If you park in a car park that has no working payment meters, and you do not have a way to pay using the application, make sure you record the evidence of the non working meters (all the meters in that car park).  IF you receive a PCN, supply your evidence in the dispute.

I would suggest putting a note in your windscreen explaining your action, the CEO issuing a ticket should take a photo of your car as evidence

Author: Paul Middleton

Paul is a Ward Councillor for St. Andrews & Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member.

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