Sainsbury’s Recycling – is this temporary?

Walking passed Sainsbury’s today I noticed that we have some recycling bins back in place.


I do not know if this is a temporary situation or not – I have contacted Sainsbury’s to find out more (and request the current bins are emptied).

The new bins are far smaller (and less numerous) than the previous bins, they are already overfull with people dumping (fly tipping) by the bins.  Please be aware if you are caught leaving items by or on top of the bins it is considered fly tipping and you could be fined.

I will put out an update when I receive any news.

UPDATE – 06/05/21

I contacted Sainsbury’s management and received a reply stating that these bins are the new recycling bins.
Sainsbury’s will be monitoring them and will arrange to get them emptied as necessary.

I pointed out that these bins are less than half of what we had before and that many items were being dumped by the already full bins. I was told that they might order more bins if the situation continues.

Please be aware this is run by Sainsbury’s and NOT the council.

Author: Paul Middleton

Paul is a Ward Councillor for St. Andrews & Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member.

3 thoughts on “Sainsbury’s Recycling – is this temporary?

  1. I agree Paul. I went to get rid of 2 big bags of plastic I had collected over lockdown- pieces not allowed in orange sack. We need to be able to recycle more via orange sack. Need a better new contract when it comes up for renewal. My family in Chelmsford can recycle most if not all plastic road side so I am taking mine to them so it doesn’t go to land fill.

  2. Thanks Paul, like Anne I went up to Sainsbury’s with a bag of plastic to recycle and found the bins completely full.I dont drive and had to take the bag back home again,I saw many similar bags of plastic waste had just been left by or on the bins and,because it was a very windy day,many of the bags were being blown around the car park!If that’s going to be the full extent of the bins it’s a bit ridiculous because I’m guessing it’s about one twentieth of the previous capacity.Also I noticed no bins to recycle aluminium foil which they had before.Overall Havering and the UK have to up their game as regards recycling all round.

  3. Only a few bins on 6/6/21 and no bin for plastic containers. This is my second visit, last time about 6 weeks ago, only to be disappointed and having to take huge sack of plastic home again. Of course we shouldn’r have to rely on JS, it ought to be provided by council.

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