The Havering Daily was pleased to announce, it has partnered with the Harold Hill Wombles and Havering Council’s Street Care team, to launch a borough-wide littler picking campaign called ‘Pick A Street‘. The first event ran over four days, from 2nd-5th April. (pick a street, park, or open space)

Ross Elliot from #PickAStreet is keeping a keen eye on the figures and so far has reported “roughly 87 people have filled 142 bags across 84 locations. What an amazing achievement so far! It would be great to finish with 200+ bags picked.”

I will update this post later with the final figures from Ross, but he can add two large bags from our pick over Hylands Park & a section of Globe Road, on a windy Easter Monday……after the wisps of snow!


Author: Jody Ganly

Jody is a Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member for Hylands Ward.

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