Apparent Dognapping!

We have heard on social media that there was a dog-napping incident in Park Lane by the shops.

However, we have since received this from the Safer Neighbourhood Team

“Hello all,

A post was put on Facebook yesterday saying a dog was snatched yesterday afternoon outside the row of shops in Park Lane. The suspect was on a bike and snatched the small dog as he cycled by.  

If this is true, then of course this is terrible and I feel sorry for the victim whose dog has been stolen.

However, at this moment in time, there has been no official report made to Police. No CAD has been created and there is no crime report on the system and I have checked Romford Town’s crimes too, as this location falls on their ward. Not that this matters, but it won’t show up on Hylands ward.

Aside from this, the majority of us have heard that Dog thefts are on the rise and the suspect(s) are looking to steal dogs which they know they can sell quickly.

There is no actual Park or vulnerable location where dogs are being stolen, but this also means you must remain vigilant when walking your dog.  

I cannot give you advice which is fool proof because this does not exist and I may be criticized, so I would keep my dog on a lead and be aware of my surroundings. Carry a mobile phone at all times and if the worse should happen phone the Police on 999 and give as much information as you can to the operator i.e. description, direction of travel.

As soon as I receive official guidance around this from the Met Police, I will send this out to you.

Stay safe Hylands “

Here is a post that was put up on the website, which has some handy information for dog walkers.


Author: Del Ganly

Del is a Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member for Hylands Ward.

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