11 thoughts on “FOCUS E-Edition February 2021

  1. Hi Jake and all at Hornchurch Residents’ Association

    Just wanted to say thank you for the great online Focus Magazine, I wouldn’t want to go back to the paper edition. I realise this is an individual choice (not everyone has the technology) but the problems thrown up by the Covid 19 situation has underlined its value. Great website all round must take a lot of work, so much appreciated.
    Keep well.

    Regards Anne Seth

    1. Hi Anne,
      Thank you for your kind words, we appreciate your comments.
      We’ve noticed as slight bug with the formatting on this month’s FOCUS. This should be resolved in the next issue.

      Keep safe out there!

  2. Having trouble getting February Focus to read it all. Lots missing.
    Tried both ways but couldn’t download it to my iPad either.
    IT isn’t my strong point.
    Appreciate that paperless is better but some of us oldies have problems especially during lockdown when we can’t get help

  3. Finally managed to find February edition but all a great mystery as to how I get there,,

    1. Hello Valerie

      I am glad you found where to go. I hope you find the magazine interesting.

  4. Hi Jake, love my Focus magazine and have just signed up to go online for future mags. Not sure if its just my phone, but font is rather fuzzy and not printed clearly. Hopefully just teething problems. Regards Sue.

    1. Hello Sue – we are aware of a bug in the program that makes the magazine this month it has sent the format out when italics were used.
      We are looking into the issue to see what we can do to resolve that.

      If the magazine is generally blurry – it could be the device you are using to view the magazine.
      We find a larger screen helps (Laptop, iPad or PC)

  5. As usual, an interesting local review of issues. Unfortunately, the pasted responses to questions were very badly formatted (characters spaced and overflowing their windows) and could not be read. Please check your formatting of these areas, or let me know how my system need reconfiguring.

    Many thanks

    Brian Jolly

    1. Hi Brian,
      We are aware of an issue with this month’s magazine causing characters to be displayed improperly. It appears that this is an issue with pdf.js and the authoring tools used to create the magazine. We are working with our suppliers to resolve this issue for future releases.

      Kind Regards,

  6. How do I get a password to view the mag? I had emailed as I wondered why I hadn’t had a mag so far this year.

    1. Hi Christine,
      Normally the E-Edition of the FOCUS magazine is password protected. Due to current restrictions, we have made current releases of the FOCUS magazine free to view.
      Once restrictions are relaxed, we will look to restart delivery of the FOCUS magazine and the E-Edition will once again be password protected.

      If you are have requested to receive the E-Edition, you will receive an email with that month’s FOCUS magazine password.
      If you would like to receive the E-Edition, please email with your home address to prove membership.

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