Flooding reported today

Once again we have seen Rainham Road flooded between Coniston Way and Wood Lane.  Also, we have seen the sewage bubbling up in Harrow Lodge Park along Abbs Cross Lane.  Both of these issues have been reported to Havering and Thames Water and a long term solution requested by us.

Councillors Barry Mugglestone and Stephanie Nunn




Author: Stephanie Nunn

Steph is a Ward Councillor for Elm Park & Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member.

1 thought on “Flooding reported today

  1. im just waiting for the day when there is a car prang/.accident due to this section of road flooding every time there is heavy rainfull for prolonged amount of time. the vehicles come over into oncoming traffic side of the road to get round it n one day there will be a accident, so far its been lots of car horn toots n few choice words from some drivers. so when will it get sorted once n for all.

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