Stolen from Cars and Vans in Sainsburys Car Park

I have been informed that crime is on the rise in Sainsburys Car park – with both cars and vans being broken into during the day.

A recent report was that a workman, and local resident, lost several thousand pounds of tools from his van while he shopped – this was around 11:30AM – not overnight.  The same person also had his car broken into on a different day.

I will be talking to the police regarding the crime numbers for the area.

I urge everyone, please make sure your vehicle is locked and that you have nothing in sight that would make someone want to break in.

If you see a crime happening in the car park, please report it to 999 – if you have time please also alert the security personnel at Sainsburys.

Please make sure you report crime, especially if it has happened to you, the crime figures are used to help define where to deploy the police resources. If crime is not reported, the numbers can appear to be low and the resources deployed elsewhere.


Author: Paul Middleton

Paul is a Ward Councillor for St. Andrews & Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member.

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