Man with baby – Locked out of house scam

There is a reoccurring scam happening in and around Hornchurch and Elm Park.


A man (usually well dressed) with a baby in a buggy or pram will approach a resident and give a story about being locked out of his house.

He will ask for assistance as his baby needs medicine, is getting hungry, cold etc.  The story will lead to the man asking for you to lend him some money to get a locksmith, he will give the address as a street or two away, he will promise to pay you back.


Please do not give (lend?) this person any money – he is a scam artist and you will not see your money again.

Currently he is asking for £30 or £60


One resident recently contacted me as they had read about this scam in our Focus Magazine and offered to call a locksmith. The man said he only had £30 on him and needed £30 more to pay the locksmith.  When the resident refused the man walked away.


The Police are aware of this scam and will keep there eyes open for him. He tends to work the area for a week or two before disappearing for a while and trying again.

Author: Paul Middleton

Paul is a Ward Councillor for St. Andrews & Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member.

2 thoughts on “Man with baby – Locked out of house scam

  1. I also received a report that this person was seen approaching homes in Kent Drive Hornchurch today.

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