Christmas Services


St. Nicholas Church Elm Park                           Elm Park Baptist Church


Sunday 8th December                                        Sunday 22nd December

  3.30pm     Christingle                                       10.30am    All age Celebration

                                                                               6.30pm    Carol by Candle Light 

Sunday 15th December                                                        

9.30am       Holy Communion & Nativity            Wednesday 25th December 

                                                                              10.30am     Christmas Morning

Sunday 22rd December                                       

  6.30pm     Carols & Readings


Tuesday 24th December                                   

  5.00pm     Crib Service                                    

11.30pm    Vigil Service                                                       


Wednesday 25th December                     

9.30am      Holy Communion





St John’s South Hornchurch                              St. Albans RC


Sunday 15th December                                      Tuesday 24th December

10.30am    Nativity                                             6.00pm      Vigil Mass of Christmas

  6.30pm    Carol Service                                                      (Mass for Families)

                                                                             11.30pm Carols

Tuesday 24th December                                    12.00pm Midnight Mass

  7.00pm     Communion Service                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Wednesday 25th December                               Wednesday 25th December 

10.30am     Celebration Service                        9.00am       Mass

                                                                             11.00am    Mass


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