ULEZ deemed Lawful

The Five Conservative-led councils who had challenged the Labour mayor of London’s plans to charge older, more polluting vehicles £12.50 a day from 29 August were unsuccessful in their bid to have the expansion stopped.

Following the High Court case, the judge, Mr Justice Swift, said the mayor’s expansion decision “was within his powers”.

He wrote: “Having carefully considered the decision published for the purposes of consultation, I’m satisfied sufficient information was provided to permit this wanting to respond to the consultation to provide informed responses. “I’m further satisfied that when taking the decision on the grant to meet the cost of the vehicle scrappage scheme, the mayor understood the likely provision that would be made.”While the consultation conducted was not in-depth, it was lawful.”


Author: Councillor Gerry O'Sullivan

Gerry is a Ward Councillor for St. Andrews & Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member.

2 thoughts on “ULEZ deemed Lawful

  1. Thanks to Havering’s leadership for not wasting our money on an appeal, which lawyers advised had little chance of success. I understand that many residents are upset at the Leadership’s decision not to contribute money to the legal appeal. However, the issue is not the rights and wrongs of ULEZ, but what chance the appeal had of succeeding. And we now have the answer – none.

  2. I thought that Havering council denied Mayor Khan to erect cameras on poles in Havering only on traffic lights which TFL control. Then please explain why there is a ULEZ camera on a pole just outside the BP petrol station eastbound on the A127?

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