Update on Wennington and link to just giving page

Wennington response

The council is supporting local residents during this difficult time. Some residents have moved back in and we are helping them with clearing their homes by taking away all their waste daily and dealing with any other issues they may need to solve.

There are still some problems with power and water and we are working with the utility services to fix this.

Sadly, some have lost their homes and we are helping them to find accommodation. Many kind people have donated clothes and other useful items to help replace what has been lost, and many Wennington residents are visiting our donations centre to get what they need.

The Council no longer need such donations but if you wish to help, then you can donate funds via the Salvation Army. Romford The Salvation Army is fundraising for The Salvation Army (justgiving.com)

The council is now looking at the longer term recovery and has written to the Secretary of State for the Home Office, the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, and the Mayor of London, and hope that they can help us support the residents after suffering this tragic fire. This could be through funding or other means to help contribute to their recovery.

Author: Paul Middleton

Paul is a Ward Councillor for St. Andrews & Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member.

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