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At a time when the energy price cap is increasing and providers are going bust, we’ve been noticing more attempts to impersonate energy companies.


Eon bill refund scam

This fraudulent communication methods here claim to be from Eon and follows a typical story that all scammers use to worry you and pile on the urgency.

From an Eon phishing email to a phone call with a scammer, we carried out an investigation to expose the tricks and tactics used in this scam. Lucia Ariano, Which? senior presenter played along with a fraudster to show you how the scam works and the sneaky tricks used with this phishing attempt. We would never recommend doing this yourself.

Watch the video to find out what happened and how you can avoid similar scams.

Stay one step ahead

British Gas phishing email

A phishing email purporting to be from British Gas is circulating, stating that customers’ bills are overdue and need paying. It attempts to extort the recipient’s account details by urging them to click through to fake websites.

Here are examples of the fake British Gas emails – which the provider has confirmed has nothing to do with them – that have targeted customers and we explain how to deal with them.

Bogus emails

Online dating fraud

With Valentine’s Day around the corner and online dating fraud having soared during the UK’s lockdowns, watch out for fake profiles on dating sites and social media platforms.

Here, victims of romance fraud tell us about their experiences in their own words and serve as a warning about the tactics used by these masters of manipulation.

The cost of romance fraud

There’s now a much easier way to make us aware of scams directly with our scam sharer tool. Tell us your experiences of phishing emails, fake texts, cold calls and other types of fraud.

Stay safe,

Which? scam alert team

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Author: Paul Middleton

Paul is a Ward Councillor for St. Andrews & Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member.

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