Litter enforcement in Hornchurch

Some of the areas in and around Hornchurch look to be in a sorry state when it comes to litter.

The town centre has some very dedicated street cleaners who do a fantastic job. The team concentrate on the main routes and do not tend to venture into the back roads.

Where litter is on council land, we can get the council to clear up, where this is fly-tipping, we engage the enforcement team to see if it is possible to identify the owner of the debris and try to get a resolution through warnings and/or fines.

When the litter is on privately owned land, the owner has to remove all litter or fly-tip at their own expense. We often talk to the owner or in the case of a shop or store, we will speak to the manager and in the case of larger stores head office.

Gerry and I were out and about in Appleton Way with the council enforcement team today, this was due to a few issues. Many of the businesses that back on to Appleton Way follow the rules and keep the area clean and tidy. Some appear to struggle to do so.

Those not keeping the area in a safe and clean state will be receiving contact from the council with instructions to clear up or face charges.


Author: Paul Middleton

Paul is a Ward Councillor for St. Andrews & Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member.

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