NEW Glass Recycling bins at Queens Theatre car park

As the Glass Recycling bins in Sainsburys Hornchurch were over full, Councillor Gerry O’Sullivan and I met with the recycling team and discussed potential sites for additional glass recycling near to the ones we lost a few years ago when the Nalgo building was rebuilt as flats.


I am pleased to say that we now have 6 glass & recycling bins in the car park at Queens Theatre. These were installed this week.

The council will be monitored for use and we will see if we get any issues/complaints from the neighbours due to the noise.

Please make use of this new facility.

Author: Paul Middleton

Paul is a Ward Councillor for St. Andrews & Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member.

2 thoughts on “NEW Glass Recycling bins at Queens Theatre car park

  1. Well done Councillors. I have been complaining to Sainsbury’s both in the store and on email about the appalling state of the new recycling bins provided by Biffa which are totally inadequate. Why did they try and fix a problem when no such problem existed.

    1. Thanks Helen.

      Sainsburys own the recycling centre in their car park.

      Last year Sainsburys decided put out a tender for the contract to supply the bins and collect the recycling at all of the stores they own across the UK.

      A new contractor was chosen.
      When the contract ended for the original supplier they collected their recycling bins.

      The new supplier was unable to meet the demand across the UK quickly, leaving our store with limited coverage for over a month.

      I have been in constant communication with Sainsburys management about the situation. They were doing what they could, the new contractor had said they were unable to supply additional glass collection bins.

      The Council have Recycling bins in The Queens Theatre car park and Fentiman Way car park.
      I am hoping that residents will make use of these additional facilities

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