UPDATE: Cavendish Avenue development Refused – P1218.20

According to Havering council’s website this development has now been refused ( 22 February 2021)



I received an email today from the planning officer dealing with the above planning application, in response to my latest email to him.  He advised me that he is recommending refusal in his draft report to delegated officers this week.

I was also advised that there are now Tree Preservation Orders on 17 trees in Cavendish Avenue – 15 horse chestnut and 2 cherry trees.

So after a lengthy and very active campaign against the planning application, including a petition with almost 2,000 signatures organised by Sue Smith of Cavendish Avenue, it looks as if the planning application will probably be refused.

When I relayed the news to Sue Smith she was absolutely ecstatic.  This will be a very popular decision as residents on both sides of Cavendish Avenue and hundreds of supporters do not want anything built on the green of this historic area of RAF Hornchurch.

It seems that the potential harm to residents’ amenity and the disruption to their lives has been recognised as outweighing any advantage of 21 extra apartments. As the final decision is waited for, I congratulate Sue Smith for leading the campaign, Havering Council for the 17 Tree Preservation Orders and thank all who have given their support. It is very important that we preserve the history of the area for all and we look forward to working with Sue and local residents on other projects in the future.

Author: Stephanie Nunn

Steph is a Ward Councillor for Elm Park & Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member.

2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Cavendish Avenue development Refused – P1218.20

  1. Well done to all those who participated in the campaign to save the Green in Cavendish Avenue

  2. lets hope that its finalised and not allowed at the last stage etc, when its gone through all stages n refused at last stage that’s when we can all sigh a breath of relief n congratulate all those who signed petitions etc.

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