Harrow Lodge Park Sewage Spill

Due to the heavy rainfall we had in October, the manhole cover to the main sewage pipe that runs through Harrow Lodge Park looked like a fountain with raw sewage mixed with rainwater spewing out into the park and next to the River Ravensbourne. Thank you to all who contacted me regarding this. I spent over three quarters of an hour getting through to Thames Water to report this, and to be fair when I visited the site 2 days later, the area had a barrier around it to stop people walking through the terrible mess. As I am sure most of you are aware this is an ongoing problem that I have been reporting and banging on about for quite a few years now. It would really make a huge difference if more people reported this when it happens, the more complaints means it would have more pressure on Thames Water to clean their act up. The number to contact Thames Water on is: 0800 316 9800 and they will ask you for a postcode, I use RM12 4XU. The address is Abbs Cross Lane.

Sewage spill
Harrow Lodge Park



Author: Jody Ganly

Jody is a Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member for Hylands Ward.

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