Questions to the Council

Each week the councillors are giving a briefing on the latest news and updates about the Corona Virus.

Before the briefing we are allowed to submit a few questions for the officers to answer.

It has been our questions that have spawned action to take place and reopen the Recycling centre, getting Green Bin waste collected again as well as several other small wins.

Below are the questions we have submitted for this weeks briefing – if we get a response we believe you should know about we will post it on this website

Please contact us if you have a question you would like asked, it might be something we can answer directly or we might raise it in the allowable questions we can put forward at this time


Submitted for Wednesday 20th May meeting.

  1. With the relaxation of lock down currently underway with the likelihood that many shops may soon begin to re-open, and in light of the statement from the Council Leader that our Businesses are the backbone of our community, will the council extend free parking to the end of the year or at least reinstate the 30 minutes free parking in our Town Centres to help business get back on their feet?
  2. In answer to a recent question, officers announced that staff could be brought back from furloughing if there is a need. Given that the environment in many parts of the borough is looking increasing untidy, the need is now obvious. Can a list be provided of the services within the Neighbourhoods Directorate that are not currently being provided at a pre-crisis level and when can residents expect these to return, particularly Grounds Maintenance.
  3. Given that bulk rubbish collection from housing land has continued throughout the current crisis, can an explanation be provided as to why the general bulk and trade waste service has not resumed, so as to reduce the potential for incidents of fly-tipping?
  4. The Secretary of State for HCLG Robert Jenrick has said that local planning authorities are now expected to approve requests to extend construction working hours temporarily until 9pm from Monday to Saturday in residential areas; contrary to previously agreed planning conditions. Could you please confirm the strategy to be used in delivering the proposal and how should Council manage, advise or pushback in the interests of residents?
  5. Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has announced the reopening of schools for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 with Liverpool and Hartlepool Councils declaring they will not be opening their schools on this date. Could you please confirm what stance Havering Council is taking and what our schools are saying about the proposed opening date.
  6. The Government have recently announced that a further 600 million pounds has been made available to help deal with infection  control in Care Homes across the Country. Can it be confirmed if Havering has been allocated any of this funding yet? If so, what processes are in place to ensure these funds are distributed effectively, and are reaching frontline staff in the care homes.

Author: Paul Middleton

Paul is a Ward Councillor for St. Andrews & Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member.

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