Parking Consultation

The council have decided to run the CPZ parking consultation Online available on the following link. (click continue reading to see a clickable link)

It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the survey.

The ‘consultation’ only lasts until November 22nd.  Only one person per household can respond.

I have been told that you can also complete a paper version of this if you visit a local library. I hope this is true as many of our elderly populous do not have access to a computer.


We urge as many people as possible to complete the survey – I hope that people will in general say that there is not an issue with parking in the area.

We can then get back to dealing with the individual issues that we know about.


Author: Paul Middleton

Paul is a Ward Councillor for St. Andrews & Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member.

9 thoughts on “Parking Consultation

  1. We are hoping to have hard copies of the parking consultation to complete at the Elm Park Horticultural Show on Saturday 2nd November 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm in the Hall next to the Library, St Nicholas Avenue

    Councillor Stephanie Nunn
    Hornchurch Residents’ Association
    Elm Park Ward

  2. I Live in Woodhall Crescent in Hornchurch which does not appear to be included in the council’s areas for consultation. However many roads, such as mine, close to the roads to be surveyed may well be affected by any future parking schemes introduced by the council, due to the knock on effect.
    I would like the RA to take up this point with the council and request that all residents are given the chance to respond to the survey.

    1. Mr Ellis,

      I have raised the question with the schemes department at the council.
      When I get a reply I will let you know.

      At present I am hearing mutterings (not substantiated) that this online ‘consultation’ is a survey rather than a consultation.

      What does this mean if it is true?

      It could mean that a consultation letter will be sent to everyone in the borough as was the original intention. However that will cost quite a lot of money – the Tory led administration may be using this survey to gauge the feeling in the borough and will use this as a reason to drop the CPZ consultation without further costs (except the huge amounts of money already spent in the 1000’s of work hours spent by the various teams in preparation so far)

  3. I’ve just looked at this “consultation” and all it is is a repeat of what we were asked 2-3 years ago about whether we have a problem in our road. I thought consultations were meant to seek views on council proposals and provide opportunities for interested parties to offer alternative solutions? Not in this case. Moreover, I don’t recall seeing any readout of that previous questionnaire, nor particularly how it related to the proposals seemingly then formulated by the council that purported to tackle a (unspecified) parking problem throughout Hornchurch. I’m confused, and would appreciate any clarification the Association can offer. What will happen on the basis of this latest questionnaire? Will parking restrictions be imposed on us or will proposals be put together which will be the subject of further consultation? Many thanks

  4. As you have seen the consultation is not really a consultation as there is no space for us as residents to give our thoughts, suggestions and opinions. It may be a tick box exercise and having “consulted” we will go back to our previous system of looking into parking issues as and when raised by residents. Cllr White has said that no parking restrictions will be imposed where they are not required by a majority of residents, so let’s hope that is the case. There is tremendous opposition to imposed schemes and the withdrawal of the 30 minutes’ free parking.
    Councillor Stephanie Nunn

  5. Here is a copy of Cllr Stephanie Nunn’s letter from the Romford Recorder this week 25.10.19

    The much awaited parking consultation finally arrived on 11 October after announcements by Cllr White that it would be a letter sent to all affected residents during August and September. Instead it is an online “consultation” preventing many users from knowing about it or indeed engaging with it. Paper copies are to be left in libraries, libraries that
    are only open part time and again not used by everyone. Once again a broken promise.

    On to the “consultation” itself, residents have written to us to express their dissatisfaction, comments have included: “there is no free form text for comments
    or questions about what we would like to see” and “a clever use of leading questions to construct a response that aids a specific agenda”. Apparently the aim is to find out what problems residents and businesses have in parking locally. Unfortunately this question has not been asked. The main questions appears to be “If restrictions were brought into neighbouring streets which may cause problems in your street, would you then consider supporting some kind of parking restriction on your street? The obvious answer to this question would be yes and therefore the administration will be telling us next how most residents would consider parking restrictions in their roads.

    Parking restrictions that have been requested by residents have been put on hold for over a year waiting for this “consultation”. Another promise stated by Cllr White is that a CPZ will not be implemented in a street if the majority of residents do not want it. Let’s hope he sticks to this promise. In the meantime please engage online if you can or go to the library to collect a form or get in touch with us if we can help you. Closing date is 22 November.

    Councillor Stephanie Nunn
    Chair Person
    Hornchurch Residents’ Association

  6. The only thing that is causing a potential parking problem in Hornchurch is the proposal for introducing parking restrictions and also enforcing a charge for the previously free half an hour and over the top charges for longer in our car parks. With less restrictions and smaller charges in car parks we wouldn’t have the need to spend precious time and money on consultations and our shops would get more trade. I doubt if there’ll be any backing down but doesn’t it make sense to do so?

  7. this so called parking consultation is a complete con/sham as far as local residents go. i am still waiting for the Council to write to me as was promised in july 2019 by D White and Sally Miller (defector who should be made to stand for election). Lied to again by them over this issue so why should anyone take Cllr D White seriously when he says he wants to stand for election as an MP for Elm Park, Rainham and South Hornchurch when he does not listen to Havering Residents on local issues. He should have gone to Specsavers as he does not listen or see what he is there to represent for Havering Residents. USELESS as far as I am concerned

  8. today i went to the local library in elm park for the so called consultation form but was told that they had run out (what a poor service) as far as I am concerned both the consultation and d white cllr are a sham and he wants to stand for local MP in up coming election and has more chance of flying.

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