Bring back the free parking!

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Bring Back the Free

30-Minute Parking in Hornchurch & Upminster!

Havering’s Conservatives hope that people will forget about the free 30-minute parking but our Town Centres are too important to do that.


If we truly care about the shops and businesses in Upminster & Hornchurch then we must –


Public Protest

Wednesday 10th July

Car Park in front of Romford Town Hall

(30-second walk from 248 Bus Stop outside Romford Library)

Starts 6.45pm

(Prior to Havering Council Full Meeting)

Author: Jake Middleton

Jake is our site administrator and handles day-to-day running of services on this website.

2 thoughts on “Bring back the free parking!

  1. I think the council decision to remove the 30 min free parking in the borough is appaling. I often trade with Romford tools in Brentwood Road. I am usually in there for less than 10 min. However because their forecourt is very limited, and with the free parking removed in the side road. I tend to leave it, not willing to pay an additional £1.50. This for me is a wasted journey costing me both fuel and time. I am not alone, there are many situations where people need to go to a local business to buy a purchase which often takes only 5 or 10 min in the shop. This council are destroying our high street businesses. They are not fit for purpose when they are supposed to be serving our local needs and not their personal agendas.

  2. I totally agree with the above. The same is happening in Elm Park. I used to shop there frequently and the free 30 mins gave me time to do so. Now it’s hard to find a parking spot on the Elm Park Avenue side so I shop online for odds and sods instead. Saves a lot of hassle.

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