Car Park next to Savers – Elm Park

The car park next to Savers on the corner of Northwood Avenue is owned by Row Investments and was previously leased to

Havering Council.  Row Investments terminated the lease without warning and are now running the car park themselves.  It is

£1 for half an hour and £1.50 per hour thereafter.


It is still possible to get 30 minutes’ free parking a few minutes away at the car park next to the Library in St Nicholas Ave, at the

Pay and Display machines in the street and in Station Parade and Tadworth Parade.


Please continue to support Elm Park businesses.


Councillor Stephanie Nunn

Councillor Barry Mugglestone

Elm Park Ward Councillors

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5 thoughts on “Car Park next to Savers – Elm Park

  1. Any parking restrictions should be displayed in the road to which the restrictions apply this is not the case at present the road I live in has had white lines painted on the footpath with no explanation as to what they mean.

  2. We parked in the carpark next to savers 29 th April
    was unaware of it being a privartley owned as council parking is free due to covid
    As no ticket was given is there a canera there could get another fine as have parked there again
    can u help me
    thanks sue jamesv

    1. Hi Sue,
      I’m not aware of any cameras overlooking that car park. If cameras were present, there should be signage.

      1. Thankyou for your reply my husband nd had a picture of his car taken so wether there was somebody patroling

  3. My son received a letter for parking fine in the car park in Elm park for June 2019 and now has to go to court . Can any one tell me when this stopped being a council car park I’m sure it was around this time and I know I read that other people got tickets as there was problems with signage when the private company took it back.
    If any one could help it would be much appreciated.

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