6 thoughts on “FOCUS E-Edition December 2021

  1. After a few attempts, I was able to read this month’s Focus. But what should have been pages 16 & 17 were just blank, black pages. Has this happened to others or is it just me ?!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Pat.

      We have seen this once or twice before. It affects people randomly. Not everyone has the issue.
      I have yet to find a solution which always works. The issue rectifies itself after a couple of days

  2. I cannot access the December issue after entering the password. I click on the editions front cover and it does not open up as it does in previous issues

    1. Hello Kim,

      After you enter the password you need to click on the magazine lower down the page – not the first one. I will remove the image or change it to be a partial magazine

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