Hylands Park lake

After what seems like months of rain, the path round Hylands park has become impassable at certain points.

We reported the problem to the Parks Dept, and they have been pumping out at the top (Osborne/Hyland) end over the last week or so, but they told us it was like trying to bail out the Titanic with a bucket!.  Their next thought’s were like a scene from Jaws (the movie)

“We are going to need a bigger pump…….time to call in the tanker!”

On behalf of the Parks Dept, Richard & Dave from envitankers.co.uk arrived yesterday (04/02/21) about 11am, and managed to move over 24,000 gallons (nearly 110,000 litres) and although they got soaked by the torrential rain, you could start to see the path again!

Today was bright and sunny, and they told us they would get a lot more done, hopefully doubling their output at least.

They have to pump the water into the tanker then reverse it into the car park where there is a drain out to Osborne Road and offload just over 2000 gallons (over 9100 litres) a time, which takes roughly 40 mins for the whole cycle. 

Hopefully the rain will hold off long enough to complete their task, I’ll keep you updated.



Author: Jody Ganly

Jody is a Hornchurch Resident's Association Executive member for Hylands Ward.

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  1. Hi. Not sure if this is the right space to pose a question but has anyone thought how cyclists can actually cycle to the many cycle racks outside the new Hornchurch Sports centre with no obvious cycle improvements planned in the vicinity? Sadly, I think I know the answer!

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