3 thoughts on “Boundary Review Manipulation?

  1. DONATION – 21.07.20

    Thank you to the very kind man who donated some money to me, outside the Co-operative Supermarket in Elm Park, because I left some food items in the Co-operative Food Bank. This was a very lovly gesture.

  2. The tree in the front garden of Number 18 Easedale Drive, Elm Park is half dead and covered in Ivy. I am one of the owners of Number 16 Easedale Drive (the property next door) and have roots of the tree in my own front garden coming right up to the dining room window. Can something be done about the removal of this tree at Number 18 Easedale Drive and the removal of the roots from it in my own garden.

    1. Hi Valerie, Please contact your Ward Councillor Stephanie Nunn on 01708 709926.

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