Suspected double poisoning of pets on St Leonards Hamlet estate

The following has been passed to us from a relation of a colleague…


“I hope you have the means of sharing it so pet owners can be vigilant and keep their own pets safe.
One of my close friends yesterday shared that her Mum’s pet cat was missing. Today she shared this about the second pet cat in the same home:
My mum would really like it if you could spread the word that she thinks both her cats have now been poisoned. Please make neighbours in the St Leonard’s estate aware so that they can keep their pets safe. Her other cat, Hamish, is now at the vets without much hope. He was so poorly all of a sudden, couldn’t move his legs, glassy eyed, panting, crying and vomiting. The Vet said is might be poison, or a coincidence. It might be also be worth checking bushes in your garden because if Archie has died from this too, he must be somewhere. Thank you for your support.”


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